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Susan Guda, Founder

Susan Guda is the founder of Atlanta Real Estate Video Services as a subsidiary of Guda Realty Group.

Susan has spent her entire career helping families and individuals reach their life goals.  As a listing agent in residential real estate, she has utilized 3-D tours for her own clients and has seen the benefits of providing virtual tours even prior to the current market change.  As the market needs have shifted, she was fully prepared to jump into action in providing services to Realtors, Home Owners, and New Home Builders to create beautifully custom-designed 3-D tours, video walkthroughs, and photos that shine the brightest light on available properties and provide an easy way for buyers to find just the right home for their needs.

Understanding the current market and the demand for virtual home tours, Susan's passion for real estate and helping fellow real estate agents led to the development of Atlanta Real Estate Video Services. Through this service offering, Susan is able to help sellers and other real estate agent's in marketing properties in the current environment.



Victor San Miguel

Victor San Miguel originally hails from Dallas, Texas. After attending Southern Methodist University, Victor worked as a writer. For several years, his plays and screenplays were produced in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City and for PBS. He also worked as a cameraman and in 2005, Victor moved to the Houston area to work in corporate video production. Through the years he has worked as a cameraman, photographer, editor among other positions in video production. He also likes spending time at the batting cage.


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